Message from the Editor

I was lucky to participate and be invited to give an oral presentation and conduct a workshop at the 8th World Congress of Psychotherapy in Paris last summer which was participated by thousands of psychotherapists, counselors and psychiatrists worldwide. They also presented clinical researches, new theoretical models and clinical practices from their work which form the ideal material for the International Journal of Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry: Theory, Research & Clinical Practice (IJPCP)

I am grateful to professor Alfred Pritz, president of the world council for psychotherapy (WCP) and to the board of the WCP for adopting my proposal to have the special 8th World Congress of Psychotherapy volume of the International Journal of Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry: Theory, Research & Clinical Practice published. The proposal was also accepted for the publication to be published for the first time in dual languages: English and French since the congress was held in both languages.

The IJPCP has received many high quality papers from the congress. The present volume consists of the successfully peer reviewed papers submitted to the International editorial board of the journal.

The IJPCP does not solicit moneys from advertisers in order to maintain the high quality readership experience that we have and maintain free access for maximum impact factors. Our only source of revenue is from publication fees which are voluntarily and generously given by some authors whose papers have been successfully reviewed and in order to show our appreciation to them the papers are ordered according to the contributions amount of the said fees.

I trust you find the work in this volume important in your work and seek your continuous collaboration to use them for the growth of our field of mental health.

Dr. Edward Chan 
D.Phil.(Psy), M.Sc.(Learning), M.Sc.(Nutritional Medicine), B.Sc.(Psy)(Hons), 
Cert(Brain Based Therapy), Cert(CBT),
Cert(Couple & Family Therapy),  
Dip(AntiAging & Regenerative Medicine), CSAC(Certified Substance Abuse Counselor)
Licensed Amen Clinics Therapist

Chief Editor


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